Ryan Huneidi,
IT Expert

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Ryan Huneidi of Huneidi Services is the our partner for custom website development. While the rest of Zeal is immersed in the branding and creative side of our custom web projects, Ryan is laser-focused on efficiency and automation, giving our clients the ability to work smarter and become more profitable. His team’s IT expertise and insights make Zeal stand out from other marketing firms as the backend work can be done in-house rather than through a third party.

Huneidi Services is involved with the building of our website projects and handles all integrations, plug-ins, and other technical aspects. Because Ryan diligently monitors the sites we host, he keeps them updated, secure, and running smoothly. And, if there ever is a problem with a site, he’s there in a flash to get it back up online.

Through his role as an enterprise architect at some of the world’s biggest companies and his experience as a skilled information technology consultant, Ryan has been able to scale cutting-edge solutions to the specific needs of every client, solving complex problems with simple, cost-effective solutions.

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Ryan has been obsessed with technology since he got his first computer at age three. By the fifth grade, he developed the first network at his elementary school, and in high school, taught computer classes to his fellow students and secured donations and grants to advance the school’s IT system. He graduated with a BA in computer science and a minor in business from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

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