An Advertising Agency Built for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Owner Kate Cantrell showing our client her new custom brand

Traditional advertising agencies have long been out of reach for smaller businesses. But Zeal Marketing & Consulting is anything but traditional. We take a different approach to helping you reach your target audience by bringing together a collective of marketing experts, free of egos and focused only on your success.

At Zeal, we not only handle the creative aspect of your ad campaigns, we get them in front of the eyes and ears of your customers. We know how crowded the market can be – and how short all of our attention spans are – so every billboard we purchase, every magazine ad we place, and every radio or TV spot we produce is designed to enamor your audience from their first glance or their first listen.

An Audience-Driven Approach to Advertising

By trusting your advertising to Zeal, you can rest assured you’re getting creative that speaks directly to your customers:

There are plenty of media opportunities to place your ads, but which ones are the right ones? The answer should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Zeal will research your market and customers to discover where you can get the most bang for your buck.

We don’t design ads just to win awards or build up our portfolio. Every campaign we create is an eye-catching and effective sales tool that drives customers to your company.

Our strategists can manage every piece of your media plan, from placing your ads to tracking their success so you earn the best return on your investment.

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Start Sharing Your Story!

Whether you’re marketing to your local customer base or reaching out to a national or even international audience, Zeal Marketing & Consulting can help ensure your message stands out in a competitive marketplace. Learn more about our advertising services for small businesses by contacting our team today.

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