A Top Digital Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

Zeal team collaborating to run your digital ads

The best way to reach your customers is to meet them where they’re at the most – on their laptop or smartphone. With a comprehensive, microtargeted digital marketing strategy from Zeal Marketing & Consulting, you can engage with your audience and ensure your brand remains top of mind before they ever visit your website!

At Zeal, we’re focused on delivering the same digital marketing solutions to small businesses that big brands have successfully used to build one-on-one relationships with millions of customers. Ours just come with a smaller price tag.

To help grow your audience and business, our strategy focuses on three key steps:

  1. Audience Building – Zeal tracks customer behavior to ensure you reach the right audience at the right time.
  2. Lead Capture – By collecting qualified leads, we can construct a personalized marketing pipeline through email, social media, and other digital tools.
  3. Engagement – Ongoing, targeted messaging to new contacts helps boost greater customer loyalty and higher conversion rates.

A customized digital campaign is the ultimate game-changer, helping you stay ahead of your competitors and build a passionate fan base every step of the way.

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency

Zeal’s digital marketing efforts aren’t handled by just one team member – our strategists, designers, and copywriters all come together to ensure every creative aspect we send out into the world reflects your tone, message, and mission. Our solutions for small businesses include:

Our AI-based lead generation tool employs sophisticated algorithms that find and attract potential customers and tailor ads to them on the sites, search engines, and social platforms they use most. In addition, Lead Genie allows you to focus your ad spend on audiences who have showed genuine interest in your brand or what you offer with personalized messaging, special offers, and incentives, helping you close the sale sooner.

Our team will strategize the best online search engines and platforms to reach your target customers, including Google, social media, and local websites.

All Zeal website projects include on-site SEO solutions, including keyword-rich descriptions and content, that speak to both your customers and to Google.

Zeal will create video for social media marketing, online pre-roll ads or streaming commercials. Video ads and Reels give your viewers a quick sample of how you can help them and can even direct them to a customized landing page on your website.

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Stand Out Online With a Custom Digital Strategy

Just like the websites we design, your digital marketing strategy is customized specifically to your goals, customers, and budget so you can reach a larger audience without spending big. Schedule a consultation with the digital marketing experts at Zeal Marketing & Consulting to quickly grow your online leads and sales.

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