Brand Development

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When we ask prospective clients about their brand, they usually respond by showing us their logo. But successful branding is more than a great logo – it encompasses everything about your business, including your vision, your culture, and your target audience. It’s what connects you visually and emotionally with your customers, and showcases what makes you different from your competitors.

At Zeal Marketing & Consulting, we love helping clients translate their unique personalities into an unforgettable brand. We break down what we learned about you in our strategy sessions and build on your goals to develop a brand identity that’s not only eye-catching, but effectively communicates what your customers can expect when they interact with your business.

How We Craft Your Brand Story

Our entire team at Zeal works alongside you to develop a brand strategy and shape the creative elements that bring it to brilliant life:

Do you want to appear friendly and casual? Or is your company more serious and straight-forward? We capture a specific voice that speaks to your target audience so there’s no confusion who’s talking to them.

For those prospects who are starting their companies from scratch, we can help you land on a business name that’s unforgettable and perfectly represents your company.

Our strategists and copywriters come together to find the perfect tagline that succinctly and clearly communicates your brand message and resonates with your customers.

At Zeal, we don’t just design a logo for your business. We use it as a starting point to create signage, social media profile pages, website imagery, and a variety of other visual branding tools.

Creating a brand is one thing. Ensuring it’s consistent across all media and platforms is another. Our designers establish easy-to-follow brand guidelines your staff and partners can use to maintain your message.

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Building Your Brand Starts With One Call

When it comes to branding, there’s nothing that excites our team more than hearing our clients say “you really get me.” Let us help you get your business where you want it to be! Contact Zeal Marketing & Consulting today to schedule your consultation.

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