Dieterich Bank

Branding Campaign Strategy, Concept Development, and Distribution

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The Challenge

Dieterich Bank decided to take the leap into the competitive St. Louis Metro East market. While it was well-established in the Effingham region, the bank needed to build brand recognition in its newer areas and be at top-of-mind for prospective customers looking to switch banks or open a new account.

The Vision

In a market where hometown banks were being gobbled up by larger financial institutions, customers were feeling frustrated and disappointed. The banks they had trusted for years and supported their schools, clubs, and sports no longer existed. Dieterich Bank knew its reputation as a community-oriented bank was its differentiator, but instead of patting itself on the back, its team wanted to spotlight the “Difference Makers.”

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The “Difference Makers” campaign focuses on Dieterich Bank customers who are building a better community for themselves, their neighbors, and the next generation. Behind the scenes is Dieterich Bank, helping these heroes with any support they might need.

Rather than create ads, Zeal wanted to tell meaningful, authentic stories about each “Difference Maker.” All interviews were filmed in those environments where customers were doing their good work, adding dimension to their stories and building a more personal connection. All broadcast and print ads extended Dieterich Bank’s branding to ensure a smooth transition for future executions.

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The Result

For the first time, familiar faces were featured in Dieterich Bank’s marketing campaigns rather than a full graphic design treatment. This new approach humanized the brand and made it more inviting to consumers searching for a welcoming, hometown bank. Video teasers on TV and social media gave viewers a sneak peek at the stories and enticed them to visit special landing pages to learn more. In the Metro East, Dieterich Bank may be a new neighbor, but it’s one customers want to meet!

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