Bee Home Pediatrics

Branding and Custom Website

Salt Lake City pediatrician Dr. Margie Diaz-Ochu is devoted to blending evidence-based medicine with family-centric care. During her tenure at a large hospital system, Dr. Margie found it harder to deliver the personalized care she believed her families deserved due to insurance company demands. In 2022, she launched Bee Home Pediatrics, a direct pay, membership-based practice that allows her the time to get to better know her patients, answer their parents’ questions, and build a stronger bond with families.

children playing at edwardsville childrens museum

The Challenge

Zeal’s team was charged with communicating the benefits of direct primary care, a concept that is gaining steam, but still relatively unknown to the general public. In addition, we needed to appeal to young families with kids of all ages and from all socioeconomic groups as the direct pay model has a reputation for being exclusive to high-income patients.

The Vision

Zeal wanted everything we designed for Dr. Margie to be homey and approachable for young families. The foundation for her new brand was her delightful bee logo. Zeal took a drawing her son created of Utah’s favorite insect and glammed it up with nature-inspired colors and its very own stethoscope to encapsulate Dr. Margie’s community-based approach to care.

the edwardsville childrens museum on a desktop

The new Bee Home Pediatrics website blends a youthful, yet luxurious, color palette inspired by Dr. Margie’s own fashion sense with “bee’ textures and graphics to create a warm, friendly online environment. Because Dr. Margie is the face of the practice, we incorporated custom photography throughout out the site, and to highlight her work as a neonatal opioid withdrawal expert, we created an online space where parents feel understood and supported. VISIT THE SITE

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The Result

Thanks to the new Bee Home Pediatrics site, parents know no longer have to wonder if direct patient care is the right choice for their family. The moment they step onto the site, they get to know Dr. Margie’s welcoming personality and learn more about the relationships she builds organically with her patients. In addition, since the website is arranged by children’s ages, parents can easily find the information they need for their little ones.

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