Jewell Real Estate Brand Development

Kathryn Jewell is an experienced, successful real estate agent in St. Louis. She is passionate about serving a special niche, elderly clients and their families who need extra support. Kathryn’s strategy was designed for her to succeed in this particular niche.


Designer, Bob Sandefur, produced the logo and established Kathryn’s brand. The jewel icon was the obvious choice, as her name is memorable and unique. I also create a jewel of a tagline for her: Rare devotion. Priceless knowledge.


The website project brought the new brand to life with voice, content, and style. Writers Brad Spudich and Nicole Plegge brought Kathryn’s passion through with their words. I designed and built Kathryn’s website in Word Press, sourced stock photos that represent her brand, and tied the site to her property listing company.

Marketing Strategy

Kathryn’s ongoing marketing strategy includes inbound marketing, social media advertising, email, targeted direct mail, and business-to-business marketing to senior living facilities.