Center for Joint Therapy Brand Development & Strategy Execution

While working as the Director of Marketing at Gateway Regional Medical Center, I wrote the marketing strategy for this specialty physician practice, which included brand development, website development, regular community seminars, testimonial campaigns, print advertising, and more.

Who is the Center for Joint Therapy

The Center for Joint Therapy is a pain management practice that specializes in knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, which is very prevalent in Americans age 55. The demand for this service is high, and there is no cure for osteoarthritis. Treatment options are limited to injections, physical therapy, and surgery – or a combination of those. Fred Ginsberg, MD, Medical Director at the Center for Joint Therapy, wrote a program for treating knee pain that involves a series of injections and physical therapy, with surgical knee replacement as a last resort.

Brand & Campaign Development

The logo was designed to compliment Gateway Regional Medical Center’s branding – colored the same blue and red. Branding campaigns included testimonial success stories from Dr. Ginsberg’s patients.

Community Seminars

Direct mail, newspaper ads, flyers, and press releases were used to promote regular seminars where Dr. Ginsberg presented on the cause of and treatment options for osteoarthritis. These seminars have been extremely successful for building his patient volume and contributing to the volume of ancillary services at Gateway Regional Medical Center.